A strong core is important for cycling performance and injury prevention. But many “expert” recommendations just plug in some standard exercises without considering whether they are truly ideal for cyclists.

Dr. Renee Roth Powers has some groundbreaking views on core exercises, and believes that some of the “standards” should be reconsidered for cyclists.

In this video of a live clinic held with Artemis racing, you’ll learn why standards like the front plank, side plank, crunches, and bird dog are not really ideal for the cyclist, and how you can learn to spot better core exercises that actually make a difference! Plus, you’ll get some new exercise ideas and get expert teaching on how to perform them.

There are plans to eventually do a more scripted, studio version of this clinic presentation, which will have even more detail and more new exercises (and better audio). So check out this live clinic video for now, and be sure to follow Fundamental Velo on Twitter or Facebook to hear about every new article and video. There’s a lot in the pipeline!

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  1. Leslie Shedlin

    that was so great – now have to incorporate this into my workouts – as always you are terrific

  2. John Tonetti

    Great. All the core work I’ve been doing just exacerbates the problems that cycling causes…

    Anyway, thanks for posting this, and I will be changing my non-cycling workout routine.

    Nice job, Renee!

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